EdieThe Salsa FREAK!!

Edie, The Salsa FREAK (Edith Williams) is considered one of the top Salsa dance instructors in the world. 

How Did Edie Discover Salsa? 

Step into the rhythm of Salsa with Edie, a luminary in the dance world whose storied career has garnered international acclaim and three Lifetime Achievement Awards across Europe and the United States. Edie’s prowess on the dance floor and her exceptional teaching abilities have earned her the title of “Best International Instructor” from the Los Angeles Congress, British International Salsa Festival, and Switzerland Congress in Zurich. A celebrated competitor, Edie has triumphed in prestigious contests, including the Mayan competition in Los Angeles and the International Salsa and Hustle Pro Salsa Championships in Miami.

With a passion that extends beyond competition, Edie’s true gift lies in her ability to connect with students and audiences globally. Whether she’s sharing her expertise through heartfelt columns, exhilarating performances, or her intuitive teaching approach, Edie’s influence resonates deeply in the dance community. Her mastery is not only evident in her 3rd Degree Black Belt Salsa™ Master Instructor status but also in her savvy for business marketing strategies, which she imparts to aspiring dancers and instructors alike.

Edie’s breadth of work includes over 60 instructional DVDs, created alongside the world’s premier social dancers. This comprehensive collection stands as a testament to her evolution as a dancer and serves as an evergreen resource for enthusiasts seeking to refine their craft. The array of stylized moves, intricate combinations, and patterns encapsulated within her series offers a wellspring of knowledge, guaranteed to challenge and inspire students for years to come.

The prowess of her Instructor Training and Certification Continuous Education Program is unparalleled, drawing instructors from over 80 countries to her highly sought-after Dance Business Seminars and Webinars. For those who aspire to reach the zenith of their potential, Edie also conducts online Mentorship and Coaching Programs, offering personalized guidance and support to elevate their talents beyond imagination.

Known for her transformative Full-Immersion All-Day Intensive “Salsa Bootcamps,” Edie has created a global phenomenon, offering a fast-track for dance enthusiasts to stylize their Salsa in a single day. Her magnetic presence extends to coordinating, planning, and hosting dance camps, festivals, and congresses with various promoters, each event meticulously designed to teach participants the exhilarating art of “Latin Nightclub Style” dancing.

But the Edie experience doesn’t end there; she infuses life into any party as a DJ, spinning an irresistible mix of global beats that are guaranteed to keep the dance floor alight. Her selections are more than just music—they’re the pulse that dancers yearn for.

Dive into the world crafted by Edie, where the heart of Salsa beats with passion and precision, and where each step is a journey towards your own dance legacy. Explore the horizon she’s shaped—a landscape where rhythm, business acumen, and a spirit of exhilaration converge. Join Edie’s revolution at www.DanceBusinessManagement.com and transform your love for dance into a living, breathing masterpiece.

Advance your dance journey with Edie, the internationally recognized Salsa expert. Benefit from her renowned DVDs and transformative Bootcamps. Take your passion to the professional stage with Dance Business Management.


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Our Expertise

How long does it typically take to learn salsa?

The time it takes to learn salsa can vary widely depending on the individual. With regular classes and practice, a beginner can start to feel comfortable with basic steps within a few weeks. Mastery of more complex techniques and styling can take several months to years.

Can I learn salsa without a partner?

Absolutely! Many classes and workshops offer individual instruction where you can learn footwork and timing on your own. Partner work can be introduced later once you’re comfortable with the basics.

What should I look for in a good salsa instructor or dance studio?

Look for an instructor or studio with experienced teachers who offer a structured curriculum. Positive reviews, a welcoming environment, and a clear emphasis on both technique and enjoyment of dance are also important.

Is salsa dancing a good workout?

Yes, salsa dancing is an excellent cardiovascular workout that can help improve your stamina, strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.

What are the business prospects for opening a salsa dance studio?

With the rising popularity of Latin dances, there is significant potential in opening a salsa dance studio. Success depends on your location, the quality of instruction, marketing efforts, and the overall business management of the studio.

How do I start my own salsa dance studio?

Start by developing a business plan, securing a suitable location, and obtaining the necessary licenses and permits. Hiring qualified instructors and marketing your studio are also crucial steps. Consider taking a dance business management course to ensure you have all the necessary skills and knowledge.

How can Edie’s Dance Business Management course help me open a dance studio?

Edie’s course provides comprehensive training on both the art of salsa dance and the essentials of business management, including marketing, finance, and operations. It’s tailored to help aspiring studio owners create a successful business plan and run a profitable studio.

Are there any age restrictions for learning salsa or starting a dance business?

Salsa is a dance for all ages, and there are no age restrictions for starting to learn. Similarly, there are no age limits for starting a dance-related business, as long as you have the passion and commitment to do so.

How can I differentiate my salsa studio from competitors?

Offer a unique value proposition, such as specializing in a particular style of salsa, providing exceptional customer service, or creating a strong community around your studio. Edie’s course can offer additional insights into niche marketing and brand differentiation.

Where can I learn more about Edie and her Dance Business Management course?

You can learn more about Edie and her offerings by visiting her official website, www.DanceBusinessManagement.com, where you can find detailed information about her courses, testimonials, and contact information for inquiries.