Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Dance Business Management Training?

  • Have you ever heard the saying, “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.”
  • Do you have to shut down your school when you leave for vacation or events for a couple weeks?
  • Are your classes the same size all the time? For years?
  • Are you so tired after teaching at night during the week that even the “thought” of going out social dancing with your students makes you even more tired?
  • Do you fear competition will take your students?
  • Do you not understand why your marketing efforts always yield the same results?
  • Do you find yourself “blaming the economy” for your continuously high attrition rates and small classes?
  • Do you sometimes feel like one of those rats on that spinning wheel, working so hard, but never really getting anywhere?
  • What do you have to show for all your hard work?

I just don’t have the time to invest in Dance Business Management – my classes are every night, I teach privates all the time, and barely have any time to sleep! How on earth am I going to MAKE time for this?

  • Have you ever heard the “Sharpening your Saw” story?  It is a very good one and in it, the business owners that take the time out to analyze they way they do business actually spend less time working so much and so hard in the future.
  • If they told me I had six hours to chop down a forest, I would spend 4 hours sharpening my saw.
One of my biggest questions is how the DBM will help me to bring NEW PEOPLE in my door? There are things that we already do to increase our presence in the community but I am wondering how the DBM specifically will help me to grow by student base and bring people to MY classes.

  • The DBM is literally the “Bible” of VERY PROFITABLE dance studios throughout the world.  It is “all their great money-making and money-saving ideas” gathered together in a SINGLE 250-page Powerpoint presentation.  How did I get all this info?  “Been there…”  and have seen those studios with my own eyes.  In fact, if I wouldn’t have seen them, asked questions, and literally studied their business models, I would never have believed it.  Ever.
  • It’s extraordinary how much money these studios “actually” pull in every month.  They don’t brag about it either.  They don’t need to.  When a single studio can pull in over 70% of it’s congress participants, that is social proof.   What is even MORE PROFOUND is how their “owners” are at every congress every weekend, all over Europe, RELAXING BY THE POOL, while their studios operate and continue to grow back at home.
  • Your studio could triple in size and income within a year – while working 1/3 of the time.  It is very difficult to grow a studio if people don’t like you to begin with – and you’re “all business”.  We cover personality profiles quite a bit throughout the course – what works, and what doesn’t. When you deal with people, the business model is quite different from the standard cut-throat corporate world.  We help you discover how your personality type is key in the success of your business.
  • You will learn so much that you didn’t realize in the DBM.  You will wonder why you didn’t take it sooner!  I’ve had Marketing Graduates take the course, and even THEY are blown away with its content.  Contact ANYONE that has taken the DBM and they will tell you.

I have a marketing director that is literally like my right arm and I would also love for her to participate in the DBM along with me.  Is that possible for her to sit in on my DBM training if we are able to work out the scheduling? 

  • Yes, they are more than welcome to sit in! However they will learn the equivalent of an MBA along with you, so they must pay the same fee. We do offer a commission however if you encourage / refer people to take the course.

I run a Dance team and hold events. I’m exhausted, and tired of only breaking even. How can the DBM help me?

  • We have an entire section solely devoted to how to monetize your Dance Teams, from Kids Teams, to Student Teams, to Performance Teams to Pro Teams. We also have sample contract swipe files for you to utilize. We teach how to make money with all your teams so that they are income – earners rather than profit drainers.
  • There is a module entirely devoted to “How to run a successful and PROFITABLE Event / Congress / Festival. With over 63 countries and hundreds of congresses she’s attended, Edie knows the inside and outs of the key ingredients that MAKE promoters money their very first year.

I spend an inordinate amount of time making flyers. I have no idea what makes a flyer attract students.

  • Not only do we help you with flyer / banner / poster / business card ideas, but we also give you ideas on what makes a successful flyer / banner…etc.
I use Facebook for all my marketing efforts now. Got sick of email and SPAM. My business is still the same – not any better, not any worse. Why is that?

  • The DBM shows and explains in great detail that although Facebook is awesome, easy, and fun, its “addictive” nature is extremely detrimental to developing your business “mindset” and can severely limit your growth as a company if that is the only way people can communicate / find you.
Where do I sign up?