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DBM Mini-Series

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What you’ll find in this amazing FREE Mini-Series

  • This Mini-Series Course is a 100% free, no strings attached video course that utilizes easy-to-follow systems that will help you find and lock in students for your studio who are passionate and dedicated.
  • Edie will give you step-by-step instructions on how to “make your studio irresistible to your dream students”
  • You can begin the course at any time and learn everything at your own pace.
DBM Program 1
  • Where Do I Start?
  • The Curriculum – Understanding People Means More Money in Your Pocket
  • Starting Your Business – Working the Numbers, Minimum Sustaining Rate Analysis
    (Swipe Files and Electronic Copies of all Business Documents are available for download after final exam)
DBM Program 2
  • Conquering Fear – How to Prepare and Train Your NEW Mind
  • Your Mastermind Network and Brainstorm & Marketing Surprises
  • Building Your Business – Grassroots Marketing
DBM Program 3
  • Teaching at Colleges and Universities – (inquire about add-on materials, swipe files, and electronic copies)
  • Offline and Online Marketing and Understanding Your Clients
  • Fantastic Marketing Ideas and Leveraging Your Receptionist
DBM Program 4
  • Running Your School from A to Z (Swipe Files and Electronic Copies of all Business Documents are available for download after final exam)
  • Creating and Running a Business Using the powerful Mandelbrot Theory
  • Secrets of Profitable Private Lessons, Group Classes, and Personal & Professional Development (Swipe Files and Electronic Copies of all Business Documents are available for download after final exam)
DBM Program 5
  • How to Create a Profitable Event – Congress, Festival, Cruise, Party, or Dance Vacation
  • Monetizing Your Teams, Legal Stuff, Contracts, Partnerships, Travel, Studio, Continuity Systems and Retirement (Swipe Files and Electronic Copies of all Legal Contracts are available for download after final exam)
  • Relationships in Dance (E-Books by Edie are included!)
  • Your Products and Your Accountability Team (Product Wholesale Discounts for resale available to all Graduates!
DBM Full Online Course

ALL PACKAGES at discounted price!

What a wonderful experience your course was! You covered a lot of what I hadn’t thought of, things that if I would have known before starting out that I would have done differently. It was a great learning experience and I will definitely utilize all of the knowledge that was given for my company and encourage other instructors to take your course as well! I would definitely recommend this course to all of my fellow instructors!


Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Just one hour into the course and I knew it was going to be so helpful to, not only to my business, but also to my outlook of my business. I returned home with a burning passion to implement so many new ideas. I want to thank you for being the amazing person you are. You shared, informed, and lit up a few light bulbs in that room over the 2 days. The great part is that you did it with a down to earth, humble, humorous and straightforward approach. I can see now why you [Edie] are so sought after!


Worcester, MA

It was amazing! I learned so much and you are amazing at what you do! It was the best time and money investment I’ve ever made! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us 🙂 Wow! It’s very hard just to pick one since a lot of information [Edie] covered was amazing and mind blowing. I really enjoyed learning about unique teaching methods.


Los Angeles, CA

Ever since DBM, my classes have never been the same, it’s only better. I just want to thank you [Edie] for your help and advice. And today my wife and I will be performing at the SLC Salsa Congress, we’re very excited because we will also be teaching a “Tango Salsa” workshop. That is what we will be performing as well. I remember you telling us to always be original and different.

W. & R.

Charlotte, NC