Dance Business Management Program


Get your full Dance Business Management System today and get started on the road to success! The five programs included in the complete system cover everything you need to know to run a successful studio. From getting your business started to creating profitable dance events, the full DBM course covers it all.

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The full Dance Business Management system includes five programs that cover everything you need to know to make your dance studio business a success. Program One covers the basics of starting your business, including how to determine and analyze your minimum sustaining rate of students. In Program Two, you’ll learn about building your business through techniques like grassroots marketing. Program Three addresses all the details of running your dance studio business. With Program Four, you’ll learn how to make private and group lessons profitable as well as tips to help your personal and professional development. And Program Five covers creating profitable events, the legal details you need to know about, and much more.

Edie’s full Dance Business Management Course has provided the necessary foundation for success to hundreds of dance studio owners. After you complete the course, you’ll be armed with new insights and empowered to take your business in new directions.


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